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Rebecca Bush Equine Dentist

Rebecca Bush, BSc, EqDt.

 I have had a long-term association with horses which began at pony club and continued to grow over the years.  I competed in eventing and dressage in my teens, worked at race stables and other equine training establishments and bred sports horses the most well-known of which was the successful Grand Prix champion, Vincent St James. Currently, I ride for pleasure when possible but have found working on others horses, improving their health, performance and general well-being most satisfying.

I studied at Massey University gaining a BSc. in Zoology and later trained as an Equine Dental Technician at the NZ School of Equine Dentistry.  I believe learning is a lifetime pursuit, every horse, owner, colleague and case has something more to teach us so an open mind and a desire for information is one of the most important factors in any profession.


Equine Dentistry is a science and an art. Advances in the practice are constantly being made, my philosophy is to use the latest advances combined with traditional practice’s to provide the best possible result for each horse I treat.

As long as a horse is treated with care and consideration, floated and balanced correctly on a yearly basis sedation is rarely required. I tend to use hand tools for the majority of this work. Cases which may require more intensive correction such as horses that have not had the benefit of regular dental treatment for a long period, or have serious malocclusions such as parrot mouth or missing teeth may require more frequent work or the use of power tools. In these cases, a vet will be needed to administer sedation.  Most commonly once initial treatment and the balance of the horse’s mouth is restored maintenance treatment can commence.

Each horse is an individual with small variances in the natural balance of their mouths. I aim to maintain the best possible balance for each horse taking into account these variances.


  • 10 years experience
  • Providing prompt professional service for all your Equine dental needs
  •  BSc (Massey University), EqDt.
  • Balanced approach to equine dentistry
  • Work to optimise the health and well being of your horse


Rebecca Bush


73 Pook Rd


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Mob 021 2403666

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